Working with IRS

Operating through IRS on a Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE basis) is simple

Our objective is to create and build an open, honest, trusting and lasting working relationship  

PAYE Basis

Working through our PAYE (pay as you earn) route is simple! 

What does this mean for you contractually? 

Before we provide you with work finding services, we are legally obliged to provide you your Terms of Engagement for you to sign and return. 

Once one of our clients is interested in engaging your services through us, along with your other Assignment Documentation, we would send you your Assignment Schedule. This provides all of your assignment details (rates of pay, hours of work and location of work) which you are required to sign and return.

What does working ‘PAYE’ mean? 

If our client wishes us to engage your services, we would then send you your Assignment Documentation via our environmentally friendly, efficient electronic system. This includes, but is not limited to, a Personal Details form (which collects personal details including bank details), a P46 (a form required by HMRC if you do not have a P45) and a Record of Services Performed.

Once all the required documentation has been completed and returned this will be passed across to our in-house payroll department. 

Our payroll is run on a fortnightly basis, for which you will be provided with a schedule of processing dates. You will be required to complete weekly Record of Services Performed for all hours and days you have worked, including any periods of holiday and absence. You then need to obtain the client's authorisation and email it to

Our payroll department will then process your pay on the designated dates, applying the statutory deductions in accordance with the Tax and National Insurance tables in effect at that time and in accordance with your tax code and pay the sum deducted directly to the tax office. You would then receive your pay slip and the amount due to you would be sent to your nominated bank account.

Any concerns? Don’t worry! 

Whilst providing our first class service, our team of specialist consultants will provide guidance throughout and pave the way to recruitment excellence. 

To learn more, please call our friendly team today on 0333 600 6100


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